Dororon Enma kun Tshirt (M)
Dororon Enma kun Tshirt (M)
Product Code: DOROTS1
Shipping Weight: 173 g
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Price: ¥4,800

Straight from the Dororon series comes this interesting Tshirt!

Very appealing design not just for Dororon fans, but anyone who likes something unique!

This Tshirt is certain to raise conversation wherever you go!


Size guide:
S: Length 65cm x Garment Width 48cm x Sleeve Length 20cm
M: Length 68cm x Garment Width 50cm x Sleeve Length 20cm
L: Length 71cm x Garment Width 53cm x Sleeve Length 21cm
XL: Length 75cm x Garment Width 58cm x Sleeve Length 22cm

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