Fancy creating works of art for lunch? How about trying your hand at making a bento? 


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Aluminium Bento Box / Tin
You wouldn't be blamed for thinking this bento box is a mess tin but we assure you it's not! ..
Animal Rice Shaping set
Been dreaming about more animal shapes for your Bento?  Us too. That's why we were pleas..
Animal Silhouette Bento cover
Something sorely missing from a lot of bentos in the west - a nice cover to carry them around in...
Cute face Onigiri case
We saw this cute face looking at us and couldn't resist adding it to our selection! These cas..
Divided Frying Pan
Tired of using 15 pans to make your bento? Well you can make things a lot easier with this sp..
Doraemon Bento Cover
Another great bento holder - this time featuring Doraemon! These are very versatile and can b..
Hakoya Bakery Bento Box
Fool your friends with this amazing bento box. Who would have thought, buried within that bre..
Hakoya Flower Bento set
A traditionally styled Bento box here - with a simple flower design. Designed with simplicity..
Hakoya Jumbo Redwood Bento case
This beautiful Bento box has been created using darker / redwood. The finish is smooth and wa..
Hakoya Lacquered Cedar Bento Box
  So you are looking for something  nice to put your bento in? How nice do you ..
Hakoya Oldies Soup Can
A rather novel old-school design from Hakoya here! Featuring a version of the Japanese flag t..
Hakoya Peach Boy Bento set
He-ey peach boy! What are you doin in a peach eh? In case you aren't so well versed on tradit..
Hakoya Samurai Bento Set
Another brilliant addition from Hakoya to their very attractive-when-stored range of bento box se..
Hakoya Traditional Onigiri Case
The ol' redbrick classic onigiri box. Just kidding. There aren't that many redbrick houses in..
Onigiri Stay Away Case
Nothing says 'stay away from my lunch' quite like this onigiri case. Made from dishwasher-saf..