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Charcoal Easygrip Chopsticks set (5 pairs)
Take a look at this specially formed chopsticks, made from refined charcoal. Don't worry! The..
Hakoya Carved Set (light)
Hakoya produce a great set of kitchenware ranges. These chopsticks fit the bill nicely, provi..
Hakoya Textured Box set (18cm)
Similar to their lightwood cousin, these darkwood chopsticks have been carved to help increase gr..
Ishida Chopsticks Dark Pattern set (5)
We really love these designs from Ishida. Available in a dark patterned range, we felt they w..
ISHIDA Cute Bunnies set (5 pairs)
ISHIDA brings us another very cute addition to their range. These chopsticks feature a rather..
Ishida Tennen Boku Chopstick set (5)
Another great set from Ishida - these time a 5 piecer with attractive linear patterning. As w..
Iwaibashi Colored Chopsticks set
Looking for some chopsticks to start your collection? If that's the case, then look no further. ..
Keikan Pony Cat Chopsticks (green)
If you like cute cat characters and also enjoy eating with chopsticks and like the color green, y..
Star Wars Light Saber Chopsticks
Japan and Star Wars, clearly a match made in heaven. Now you can irritate your friends no end..
Sunlife 5 Woods Natural Chopstick set (5 pairs)
In terms of raw material, this 5 set of chopsticks are identical, the differences lie in their co..