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Niko Niko Punch! Nori face maker
You can use this punch set to create nori (seaweed) face shapes for your onigiri. Three diffe..
Pokemon Pikachu Bento Box set
In perfect Pikachu yellow! An excellent edition to this new line of wares for Pikachu! Pe..
Pokemon Pikachu Ladle spoon
A fun addition to this new line of wares for Pikachu! Perhaps useful for spooning out your Pi..
Pokemon Pikachu Mug / Cup
Hey you know what you really need when you're drinking your morning coffee? Yeah! You got it!..
Pokemon Pikachu Serving fork
Serving some salad? Feeling your life could use more yellow? Whatever the reason, this Pikach..
Pokemon Pikachu Spatula
Flip the pancake! But how?! I know! Let's use Pikachu to incinerate it. Err... A ..