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Washi (Japanese paper) Inkjet paper (50pc)
  Furthering the Japanese paper range, we present this A4 inkjet Washi paper. Made f..
Washi (Japanese paper) Inkjet Paper (50pc)
If you ever felt like increasing the quality of your productions, Washi is the way forward. M..
Buffalo Horn Core Inkan Set (personalized)
This inkan is made from Buffalo Horn Core, and due to its fine-grained fibrous nature, it po..
Buffalo Horn Inkan Set (personalized)
This particular inkan is made from Buffalo Horn, and has a unique blend between dark and light. I..
Bull horn Inkan Set (personalized)
This particular inkan is made from Bull horn, and as a result has a very consistent white tone th..
Ebony Wood Inkan Set (personalized)
Ebony wood is very dark, and has an almost jet-black appearance. It is commonly used for decorati..
Mulberry Wood Inkan Set (personalized)
This inkan is made from Mulberry wood, which is a renewable lightwood and commonly used to create..
Niko Niko Punch! Nori face maker
You can use this punch set to create nori (seaweed) face shapes for your onigiri. Three diffe..
Nintendo Pokemon Bento Lunch Box
Now you can make your friends even more jealous during lunchtime with this Poke-ball inspired ben..
Titanium Inkan Set (personalized)
This inkan is made from Titanium, bringing you the ultimate in durability and longevity. Thi..