Traditional sweets


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Fuji Yuzu Candied Orange Peels (10 x 38g packs)
A different maker for these fine candied peels! Fuji have been making home-grown products for..
Hoshiya Maple Ginger Sweets (70g bag)
In need of some ginger?... and some sugar? No spoon? What if we told you there was a way you ..
Lion Candied Orange Peels (6 x 23g packs)
"Mottainai" is a rather ubiquitous phrase all over Japan - the meaning essentially boiling d..
Morinaga Sweet Bean Caramel (5 x 149g packs)
Sweet beans and caramel - a match not many have thought about before but is quite delectable we a..
Sweet Bean Treats (10 x 200g bags)
Fancy something nice to go with your tea or coffee?  Give these sweet bean treats a shot..