Potato Chips (Crisps)


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Corn Potage Multipack (75g)
Delicious! Corn based snacks further cornified with sweetcorn flavor. A very interesting tast..
Fried Ramen Snack, chicken flavor (23g pack)
What's almost as good as eating fresh ramen? Why, eating them after they have been deep fried..
Koikeya Sour Plum Chips (60g pack)
Mmmmm sour and salty... You haven't tried it yet? You really need to! This combination makes ..
Pretz Original flavor (65g pack)
Good old Pretz! In good old original flavor! Nothing beats a pack of Pretz in a pinch, and so..
Bougun (Tyrant!) Habanero Potato chip rings (56g)
So you like spicy food huh! Well you haven't tried TYRANT spicy yet amigo! Enjoy this cross b..
Calbee Edamame Chips  Single pack (70g)
What do we always eat too many of? You guessed it! Edamame! These chips are carefully flavore..
Calbee Salad flavored chips! (18g minipack)
Yes that's right! Salad flavored! Stave off your guilt in a very superficial way by eating th..
Calbee Sapporo Chicken & Beef Squares (24g)
Great-tasting potato chips with an interesting crosshatched shaped. Available in Chicken and ..
Calbee Shrimp flavored sticks (90g)
OH BOY are these ever good! Even if you're not a fan of seafood, opening a bag of these is go..