Savory snacks

Please enjoy some delicious and unusual savory snacks all the way from Japan.

This section is updated regularly to include seasonal snacks so check back regularly!

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Marusen Red Miso Block (1KG)
Ok so you LOVE miso but can't get enough of it... what do you do? Not to worry - we can suppl..
Masuya Onigiri Shape (40 crackers)
Rice crackers shaped like Onigiri (triangles)! Great for all ages, young or old - this brand ..
Mini Crackers (slightly spicy) - 8 x 67g bags
DELICIOUS is the word we would use for these slightly spicy mini rice crackers. Each one is a..
Miyukiseika Lightly salted (30 x 12 packs)
Love rice crackers but not too keen on salt? Then we recommend these lightly salted variety f..
Myojo Chanpon (5pk)
What's good to eat after a night out eating and drinking? Chanpon!  Originating fro..
Myojo Charumera Ramen (soy sauce flavor - 30pk)
Another addition to the Myojo Charumera ramen range! This time in a delicious soy sauce flavo..
Myojo Charumera Salted flavor Ramen (30 pack)
Myojo Charumera Salted Ramen multipack (5) The great ramen-givers Myojo come to the stage wit..
Myojo Charuramen Miso Flavored Ramen (30pk)
The famous Myojo Charuramen series - this time with an interesting twist... Miso flavor! Perf..
Myojo Ramen (pork flavor, 99g x 30pk)
You know what goes pretty well with ramen?  Everything. But something that goes real..
Myojo Yakisoba Multipack (5 x 119g)
More from the mighty Myojo - this time yakisoba! Yakisoba are fried rather than boiled, resul..
Okonomiyaki flour (1kg)
Have you ever tried Okonomiyaki? If you haven't, then you are in for a serious treat. You..
Okonomiyaki sauce (original! 1.8L)
Can't make okonomiyaki without dat sauce right? Well, lucky you - here is a huge 1.8 liter (~..
Pretz Original flavor (65g pack)
Good old Pretz! In good old original flavor! Nothing beats a pack of Pretz in a pinch, and so..
S&B Mentaiko Pasta sauce
Mentaiko has a slightly spicy and salty flavor, which when added to pasta makes for a mouthwateri..
Bougun (Tyrant!) Habanero Potato chip rings (56g)
So you like spicy food huh! Well you haven't tried TYRANT spicy yet amigo! Enjoy this cross b..