Savory snacks

Please enjoy some delicious and unusual savory snacks all the way from Japan.

This section is updated regularly to include seasonal snacks so check back regularly!

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Befco Bakauke Seaweed flavor (70g pack)
Gently baked for a more mellow flavor, these crackers have a sweet aromatic flavor to them. T..
Befco Bakauke Sesame flavor (10x30g)
BEFCO back at it again with yet more Bakauke rice crackers. These particular crackers come in..
Black Bean Rice Crackers! (10pc pack)
Black bean rice crackers! The little beans are cooked directly into the crackers - resulting in a..
Corn Potage Multipack (75g)
Delicious! Corn based snacks further cornified with sweetcorn flavor. A very interesting tast..
Echigoseika Senbei (12)
How can we get our rice crackers EVEN fresher? Well, how about this? The perfect novelty ..
Fried Ramen Snack, chicken flavor (23g pack)
What's almost as good as eating fresh ramen? Why, eating them after they have been deep fried..
Higashimaru Oyakodon Mix
A really homely and all-round delicious dish, Oyakodon is a very simple, very filling dish which ..
Hikari Miso Soup Multipack (50)
Another great addition to the healthier Miso range. But this time in a MASSIVE 50 sachet pack..
Hikari Reduced Sodium Instant Miso (40)
Extending the deicious yet healthy range of Miso soups with this further offering from Hikari Mis..
Ichibiki Miso Multipack (20)
More Miso soup from our friends at Ichibiki this time. Comes in favorite flavors Tofu, Seawee..
Kingodo Black Pepper Senbei (20 crackers x 12)
Did you ever reach that stage in your life where you are dreaming about senbei and you can't eat ..
Koikeya Sour Plum Chips (60g pack)
Mmmmm sour and salty... You haven't tried it yet? You really need to! This combination makes ..
Kuriyama Assorted crackers (33)
Not just one flavor, but 3 different flavors available from this Kuriyama rice cracker set! T..
Maruchan Kitsune Udon (12 pack)
Fox udon! Ok not really fox... Kitsune Udon is called as such due to the slice of deep fried ..
Maruchan Salty Butter Ramen (12pk)
Salty butter ramen! A truly unique flavor originating from the northern Hokkaido region. ..