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Hanayama Cast Marble Puzzle
Time for some more puzzle fun! We really like these puzzles from Hanayama, and feel they offe..
Hanayama Circle Jigsaw Puzzle
Hmm, looks simple right? What's the big deal? Just stick them together and... look, I'll show..
Hanayama Coil Puzzle
Hanayama with another great puzzle - the 'coil'. The aim of this puzzle is to extract one coi..
Hanayama Donuts Puzzle
A different puzzle from the Hanayama gang - this time with Donuts! We believe the aim is to t..
Hanayama Locked Chain Puzzle
Another great puzzle design from Hanayama - this time with a rather mysterious chain design. ..
Hanayama Loop Puzzle
One of the slightly less difficult puzzles, but challenging nonetheless, this Loop design from Ha..
Hanayama Quartet Puzzle
Hanayama strikes again! This time with a unique 'quartet' design - with pieces slotting into ..
Charatter Twitter Bear
Do you like hearing about things in 140 characters or less? Fancy having a robot bear tell th..
Interlocking Shapes Puzzle Game (Cast news)
Can you open this box? Many have tried. Many have failed. Perhaps... you are the one...