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A great comfort food for adults and children alike (hence the name 'oya' meaning parent and 'ko' meaning child), oyakodon is an uncomplicated recipe which should allow even the least culinary skilled among us to enjoy a taste of Japanese cuisine. 


In this recipe we have used chicken to provide the bulk of the protein, but you can just as easily substitute mushrooms (hydrated shiitake, for example), or if you can get it - '' - derived from tofu makes another excellent alternative due to its texture and ability to absorb flavor.


We highly recommend this dish!




Ingredients (per person):


1 egg

~1/4 onion

1 sachet oyakodon mix

70ml water

150g chicken / shiitake / 





Mentaiko Pasta


Mentaiko is a fish roe. It is essentially fish eggs, with a slightly spicy edge to them.



Wait!! Where are you going?? Don't run off yet!


An important mantra when approaching unknown cuisine is that if you don't try it, you'll never know what you're missing out on and trust us, once you try this dish you will be glad you didn't run away!


Mentaiko is an ingredient used throughout Japanese cooking to add depth to dishes. It has a rich taste which makes it perfect for extending through pastas or rice which has little taste on its own.





Ingredients (per person):

120g Pasta

1 sachet mentaiko pasta sauce

1 sachet seaweed strips