Delivery Information

Why so many delivery options?

There are 4 kinds of service available from Japan Post - the national postal company.
1. Express Mail service
2. Airmail
3. Surface Air Lifted Mail
4. Surface Mail (removed due to unreasonable shipping times)
We support the major carriers (UPS, DHL etc) but find their business rates to be very high.
It should be said, that number (2) Airmail is a redundant choice these days. EMS (1) has completely overtaken it in terms of cost, as EMS is basically a massive agreement across Asia to get competitive delivery rates to the rest of the world. That’s why we never offer Airmail.
It leaves us to think about the cost / time factor / insurance / tracking for the other options.
EMS is most expensive, but it’s the fastest (3 - 7 days), and comes with ~ worth of insurance built-in.
It can be tracked from the moment it’s posted all the way through customs and to your door.
Surface Air Lifted (SAL) mail is treated as surface-mail while on land, but transfers overseas (literally) are done using free space on postal planes. That’s why it takes around 2 weeks to get to you; in some cases it’s a week, other times it is 3 weeks - because it is unscheduled. 
By default, SAL doesn’t come with tracking, but it can be added.
Surface mail travels the surface of the globe to get to you, and that usually involves a trip on a cargo boat. This typically takes 1 to 3 months depending on the frequency and availability of shipping lines between Japan and your country. Live on the west coast of US? You might get lucky and it takes a month. Live in central south Africa? Well... might take some time. Again, tracking can be added.
Unfortunately, due to very unreliable delivery times, surface mail has now been removed. We hope you understand and bear with us as we seek further economy shipping methods.