About Japanbit

Welcome to Japanbit!


Based in Kyushu, Japan, we aim to offer you gifts from across Japan that feel like they're from Japan.

We are constantly searching for the latest and most interesting items on sale out here, and we hope that together we can find what you're looking for!

Please take your time to look over our stock - we are always expanding our item selection so, it's always worth checking back later.


"I want it"


Have you ever been browsing through a couple of sites, wishing there was a way you could buy everything from the same place? 

Well wish no more!

If you have anything in mind you'd like to see in store, please let us know and we'll get you a quote - we'd be happy to look into your request!




Bitcoin is an up and coming crypto-currency; a peer-to-peer decentralized monetary system which permits the exchange of wealth without traditional limitations.

We prefer using Bitcoin due to its low merchant rates, and we'd like to pass that saving onto you - hence our 3% discount on payment via Bitcoin!

Our 3% reduction is built into the prices already - just select 'Bitcoin' from the currency list on-site to see the converted rates.

We check our rates twice daily and all conversions are made automatically. (please verify for yourself at mtgox.com or btccharts.com!)


Best Price Match


We are always looking to give you the best rates on products all the time but, much as we'd like to - we can't look everywhere all the time!

If you spot an item for less somewhere else, we would really like to hear about it so, please let us know!


Shipping - with choice!


We want you to feel completely in control of your shipping, and that's why we offer some of the most flexible rates for shipping goods out of Japan.

No more rounding-up shopping cart weights, or denying certain shipping options - we have built in a finely-grained weight based shipping system with multiple routes.

Try it out and see! You'll be surprised at how cost-effective we can be.